The Importance of Backing up your Data and Apps


Almost every single modern business relies on information technology, and this means that more and more companies are adopting applications which are crucial to business processes. While applications are incredibly efficient and make it easy to work from anywhere, there

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With Windows Server 2003 Support Ending, Are You Planning your Upgrade?


It has recently been announced that Microsoft® will cease support for Windows Server 2003® and Windows Small Business Server 2003. This is not atypical of the life cycle of Windows services, but many companies—upwards of 15 million to be exact—continue

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Screens before Bed: How they’re Harming your Sleep Cycle

Screen Before Bed

Since we as a culture have begun keeping our electronic devices glued to our palms at all times, researchers have been wondering about the health effects. One of the main things that scientists have warned about is that looking at

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Technology and Its Affects On Our Relationships


Technology has had a tremendous impact on our relationships, both personally and professionally. Some argue that our infatuation with technology has become detrimental to the interaction between individuals, while others argue that these advancements have only enhanced our connectivity and

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OfficeSuite® Application Protection – Protect What Matters Most: Your Business Apps

Businessman looking to business related images

Stop and think about all the vital processes that enable your business to operate. Consider how you: communicate internally and externally nurture client relationships manage your finances collect revenue allocate crucial resources report on, and analyze, key  operations service customers,

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What a Phone Call can do that an Email Can’t

Woman On Phone In Busy Modern Office

When the soundtrack of your office is a sea of keyboards, it can be easy to forget that calling is even an option. We’re getting so accustomed to the ease and speed of an email that, it seems, some people

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Show Your Support for Broadview Networks in the People’s Choice Stevie Awards

handshake isolated on business background

Every day, we strive to provide our clients with the very best service because we believe that they deserve nothing less. We put the Customer Experience before anything else, and with every decision we make we ask ourselves, How will

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Virtual Vacation: Boost Morale and Pretend it’s Summer in your Office

Virtual Vacation

Every company wants to start off the New Year strong, but there’s just one problem: when the holidays are over, the winter blues set in. The next thing we have to look forward to is the summer warmth, and that’s

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Prepare Your Business for Winter Storms

Prepare your business for winter weather.

A record-breaking snowstorm will hit the Northeastern United States this evening. Winter Storm Juno is expected to impact parts of seven states; businesses in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Providence, Hartford and Portland could be affected. Blizzard warnings

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7 Things Every Customer Portal Should Offer

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When it comes to your business’s communications, the interface that you use to manage it can make all of the difference. Not all customer web portals are created equal. We’ve identified the criteria you should look for in order to

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