Recommended Strategies for Disaster Recovery and Avoidance

Disaster Recovery and Avoidance

Anything could constitute as a disaster when you run a business. Hurricanes, cyber-attacks, car accidents resulting in downed power lines – they all have the potential to cause network or system downtime, which means lost profits and likely angry customers.

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Workplace Flexibility Now a Reality Thanks to the Cloud

Smiling young woman with coffee cup and laptop in the kitchen at home

The greatest benefits of technological advancements are that they make our lives easier and save us time. In 1930, renowned economist John Maynard Keynes predicted that we would eventually only need to work 15 hours a week as a result

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What is the Cost of a Cyber Attack?

Cost of a Cyber Attack

Even as we shift our focus more and more toward tech security, it’s not perfect (and it’s unlikely that it ever will be). Even major corporations are at risk for – and have fallen victim to, quite recently – security

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Beyond Solutions: Vetting the Provider

There are many factors to consider when your business needs a new solution that extend well beyond the solution itself. Cloud communications in particular is an industry that has exploded into the marketplace over the past decade. With exponential growth

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It’s Hurricane Season: Is Your Business Prepared?

Prepare your business for hurricane season

Once we start seeing heat waves, you know that hurricane season is in full swing. Especially if you live on the coast, you can never be too prepared for tropical storms – and that preparedness is not limited to just

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The Key to Business Longevity is in Your Backup

Cloud computing

June is Backup Awareness Month, the perfect opportunity and reminder to take a look at the backup procedures you have in place for your organization. After all, your data is the single most valuable asset your company has. Almost every

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2015 Business Phone System Buyers’ Report: Why Switch from PBX to Hosted VoIP and Cloud Phone Systems

VoIP Buyers Report 2015

If you’re thinking about buying a new business phone system , here’s your guide! Sometimes knowing what factors prompt other businesses to switch can help in your decision. This report from Software Advice is a wealth of information on Most

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Largest Companies by Revenue in Each State 2015: MAP

BVN - Largest Companies by Revenue 2015

Video made by Business Insider You may have seen the Largest Companies by Revenue map we put together in June of last year, well we’re back with an updated version using Hoover’s 2015 data.  Last year’s map created so much

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The Next Five Years: Where will VoIP Be?

Next Five Years VoIP

New market research has just emerged that indicates that the VoIP Services Market is expected to grow by roughly 9.7% between 2014 and 2020. In 2013, the industry boasted a value of 70.9 billion; in the next five years, it’s

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Using your Apple Watch for Business

Apple Watch for Business

Now that the Apple watch has arrived, maybe you’re one of the early adopters and already have it gracing your wrist. As with any brand new technology, many people have purchased this watch, but haven’t quite figured out the best

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