Spring Cleaning for your Business

Spring Cleaning for your Business

With subzero temperatures finally behind us, it can be difficult to concentrate on anything besides going outside and enjoying the oncoming spring. This is usually the time of year we air out our homes, get rid of anything unnecessary we’ve

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Auto-Attendant: What’s the Point?


One of the most highly-praised features of OfficeSuite® Phone – the easy-to-use cloud UC system – is the virtual auto attendant, and as someone who has never used it, you may fail to see the hype. That’s understandable – after

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34 Graphs That Will Change the Way You Look at the Internet

1 - Pinged All Devices in the World

1.  Pinged All Devices in the World, Here is a Map of it Source: Imgur   2. Languages Used On the Internet Source: Imgur   3. Worldwide Internet Users Source: Imgur   4. iGDP (Internet’s Contribution to GDP) by Country,

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How is OfficeSuite® Phone Different from the Rest?

How is OfficeSuite Different from the Rest-

As you set out to find the latest solutions for your company so that you can boost customer satisfaction and create less hassle for your employees, you’re going to be presented with a lot of options. Every product description will

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Infographic: Benefits of the Cloud

Frost & Sullivan Infographic_Benefits of Cloud

As cloud telephony experts, we’re always interested in looking through cloud related data to learn more about their benefits and the problems they solve.  We recently teamed up with Frost & Sullivan to work on a whitepaper looking at how

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How can I Lock Down my VoIP Network?

Lock Down my VoIP Network

Whenever we begin the Great Transition from one form of technology to another, the one concern that plagues the providers of the new technology is security. Skepticism about the security of a new and unknown type of technology is one

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Application Protection: Protecting What Matters Most, Your Business Apps – Part Two

Cloud backup service

If you don’t think you need to ensure the availability of your business apps, think again. The average small- to medium-sized business that loses access to critical applications cannot fully recover operations for at least three to five hours, and

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Love Your Meetings with OfficeSuite

Love Meetings

It’s the nature of business to attend a plethora of meetings throughout the week. However, majority of employees admit to daydreaming or completing other work during the meeting. So how do you regain focus and productivity in a meeting? Broadview

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Harmful Myths that are Keeping Businesses Away from the Cloud

Harmful Myths

If you’re one of the millions of businesses that have already switched over to cloud computing, it’s probably difficult for you to understand what the rest of the world is waiting for. The fact is that the nature of cloud

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The Importance of Backing up your Data and Apps

The Importance of Backing up your Data and Apps

Almost every single modern business relies on information technology, and this means that more and more companies are adopting applications which are crucial to business processes. While applications are incredibly efficient and make it easy to work from anywhere, there

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