Business Continuity this Winter Can Be Easy…Learn How!

Business Continuity For the Winter

With snow and ice storms, sick employees and other disruptions eminent this winter, here are a few ways to stay connected using the OfficeSuite Phone service. In a half hour, you will learn how to: Deal with power outages Build a

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Harness the Unique Features of the OfficeSuite Phone System


Not enough business managers put aside the time to properly experiment with, and train their teams on, new technology in the office. For that reason, there’s a lot of unharnessed potential in the office’s software, projectors, and especially phones. If

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Are You Still Using Audio Conference Calls?


We live in a world where there’s new technology on the market seemingly as soon as you purchase the old version. There’s no doubt that it can be difficult to keep up. As a business owner, though, it’s extremely important

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Mobile Performance Report 2014

Mobile Speeds - Overall

Broadview’s cloud phone system allows clients to create a seamless transition between the office, the home, and on-the-go. Two Broadview mobile apps – the OfficeSuite Mobile Softphone and the OfficeSuite Voicemail App– are available for both Apple and Android, and

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Your Small Business Deserves Advanced Technology that sets You Apart…and Saves You Money!

1 - 172217975_Coffee-Shop-639x456

Historically, small businesses have struggled to project a professional company image because technology was too expensive, too cumbersome, or too complicated to manage.  Luckily there are now advanced technology solutions that are both affordable and easy to manage. Save Your

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What does your On-Hold Music Say about You?


Every now and again, it seems that the stars align and every customer decides to call your company at the exact same time. While you should never make your customers hold for more than five minutes, you’re not always going

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VoIP Statistics – Why Do Businesses Want VoIP?

VoIP Statistics - Part 2

If your business wants a more reliable phone system with remote accessibility and more functionality, check out our VoIP Statistics infographic part 2. Learn everything you need to know when considering a new business phone system, including the top requested

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Recommended Headsets for Your Office Phone System


Ask anyone who uses a headset when talking on the phone at work and they will tell you that they can’t live without it. Whether you are on a regular two-person call, a conference call, or a video meeting, having

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How the Cloud can help Your Business Survive Hurricane Season


Late summer thru mid-fall marks the dreaded hurricane season, which means that in a lot of regions, the potential for tropical storms is quite high. In the past, hurricanes have meant not only millions of dollars’ worth of property damage,

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VoIP Statistics – Who’s Buying VoIP?

VoIP Statistics Infographic

Did you ever wonder what types of businesses are most interested in a VoIP phone system? How about what job title the prospective buyer has? With help from data gathered by VoIP and telecom technology review company Software Advice, Broadview Networks has put

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