Why OfficeSuite Phone is Perfect for your Large Business


Saving money, backing up files, and facilitating remote offices are not needs that are exclusive to businesses that are still getting off the ground. In fact, these features – as well as many others – are aspects of OfficeSuite Phone

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Fastest Growing Companies in Each State

BVN - Fastest Growing Companies in Each State

While our passion is providing quality cloud-based phone systems for businesses of any size, we’re also enthusiasts of all things business related.  We love to read through the latest news and recent business related lists especially when the news is

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Tech Dominates Black Friday: 2014’s Top Gadgets at the Best Price


America’s number one shopping day of the year has gone digital for 2014. Major retailers are going bigger than ever before by offering some of the most notable deals on today’s most in-demand technology, gadgets and accessories. You’ll have plenty

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The Truth about Saving Money with “The Cloud” – Part 2: Build vs. Buy?

make or buy-saving money with cloud-part 2-small

Welcome to the second installment of our series on saving money with the cloud. If you missed lesson one in which we showed how your business could save over 50% by using a virtual server—a server hosted in the cloud—instead

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Call Recording: A Necessity, Not Just a Luxury

Call Recording

When shopping around for a new phone system for your office, you might be a bit overwhelmed. After all, modern phone systems come with a lot of features you likely didn’t have on your standard landline. From voicemail to e-mail

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Show Your Support for Broadview’s Cloud Services in the Up 2014 Cloud Awards

cloud services

  The UP-START Awards help to cultivate the understanding, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of the cloud to business and technology. Broadview is very proud of its two cloud services finalists, OfficeSuite HD Meeting™ and OfficeSuite® PrivateCloud, and the

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The Truth about Saving Money with “The Cloud” – Part 1

The cloud represents all cloud computing technology, such as virtual servers.

The Cloud. It’s all smoke and mirrors . . . or so say the “server huggers.” But can your business really save a substantial amount of money with cloud computing? Absolutely. The trick is to understand exactly how. We’ll break it down for

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10 Features You Wish Your Phone System Had

wish list

If your business is considering upgrading its phone system in 2015, then you should start doing your research now to narrow down a list of possible phone providers. Once you have the top contenders identified, here is a checklist of

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How the Wrong Technology can Slow you Down


In the 21st century, having antiquated technology doesn’t mean you’re using a rotary phone or sending messages via carrier pigeon. In this day and age, technology is advancing at the speed of light. A lot of businesses think that means

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With Two Months Left in 2014, What Should Your Business Accomplish?


The weeks following Halloween, for many businesses, are the season of scrambling. You probably set New Year’s resolutions for your business at the beginning of the year, and some of them may be long accomplished – but what about those

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